15 signs of happy relationship

15 signs of happy relationship

Once you find your only one, you start imagining your bright future together. It is no wonder because if we love a person we want to know how to establish a strong and happy relationship time won’t ruin. Luckily, family psychologists found this secret formula long ago. So, here are the signs showing you are moving towards a successful relationship.

Are you happy in your union?

You are interested in each other

After a definite time of being together, we can suddenly realize that we know everything about the partner. It seems there is nothing peculiar about him/her left so that our interest may gradually fade. In this respect, it is vital to support mutual interest, noticing the details, and sharing the goals. For this sake, partners must be able to communicate successfully, listen to each other, and hear the partner. Notice that here we are talking about healthy interest, not jealous calls every minute, ruining personal boundaries, or depriving your partner of personal space.

You can compromise

Successful couples understand that they have to work on their relationship hard to keep it alive. However, they also realize that it is not a battlefield. That is why they are trying to find a compromise in every difficult situation. It is not easy, because each person has their own beliefs and values, but if people appreciate their relationship, they won’t insist on something till the winning end. On the contrary, they will try to find the best solution that doesn’t hurt the partner. According to psychologists, this approach is a key to a happy and strong relationship.

You both do not compete

While competitiveness may fuel your mutual interest at the very first stage of your relationship, it is of no use if it becomes the main future of your common life. Happy couples simply do not need to prove each other something, so they are not trying to become better than their partner. Psychologists believe that in a really happy relationship, everybody performs their own function not jumping above each other’s head.

Compare but do not insult

Many people agree with the fact that they don’t like being compared with others. It happens so because we all are individuals with our flaws and peculiarities, and we all want to be accepted as we are. That is why many relationships fail simply because people try to change each other. However, we should understand that in a relationship we deal with a real person but not our ideal image. That is why, happy partners use comparison not to stress somebody’s strong points, but not to repeat their mistakes.

Fragile balance is kept

In any conflict situation, happy couples try to keep the balance between positive and negative, they do not let the latter win. All differences and problems are taken into consideration, but happy partners try to solve everything in a positive trend.

You laugh

Of course, our life is impossible without quarrels, problems, and difficulties. But what distinguishes healthy relationships from unhealthy ones, is exactly the sense of humor. Humor helps us to see a situation in another light and find positive elements in any negative situations, and even in a partner’s flaws. Very often, you may come to the original way of solving a problem once you address it with humor. Thus, a sense of humor is essential to partners’ psychological health.

Open to change

Here we mean the change in the everyday routine that may dull our life with time.

How can you avoid that? Very simple: by changing the atmosphere. Why not go to a new restaurant, visit a new place or exhibition, try diving together, simply move the furniture or even change one’s image? There are many ways to diversify our life, just set it as a priority.

Listen without interrupting

Psychologists have noticed that those couples who care about relationships, express all disturbing thoughts in turn. That is why interlocutors hear each other and are heard. Once any misunderstanding arises, it is necessary to express everything directly as soon as possible. Otherwise, the offenses will only multiply and finally, you can burst out with anger, fear, or even depression.


Ideal people do not exist, that is why even the strongest relationships may go through tough times. The essence of happiness is to forgive and be sure that once your partner will forgive you, too. Of course, some things are hard to forgive, a betrayal, for example, but if the partner honesty regrets their deed, there are no obstacles to reconciliation.


If people in a happy relationship go through hard times, the main question for them is not “And what now?” but they are trying to understand why something went wrong. In such cases, it is necessary to be able to put yourself in your partner’s boot and realize which emotions drive them to act that way. Once you realize the motives, it will be much easier to deal with the situation.

Always say “Thank you”

In strong couples, people are able to evaluate each other’s actions reasonably and be grateful for them. Psychologists do not recommend partners to take any efforts for granted. Moreover, a person who feels that their deeds are appreciated will always do more than you ask them to do.

Support the passion

Psychologists believe that physical intimacy is to be maintained constantly. Even if we need to set a definite calendar day for it

Leave each other space

Of course, sometimes it is not easy to let your partner spend some time apart from you. Especially, at the beginning of your relationship, when you are dazzled by love and see nobody and nothing but your partner. However, too much is not the best option here. Happy people calmly accept the fact that their partners need some time on their own. What is more, giving another private space lets us miss them and heats our mutual interest.

Use a “Replay” function

This is another distinctive feature of a happy relationship – the ability and readiness to replay the situation that has become a problem. If we can relive one of the stages of the relationship without the same mistakes, we can avoid a huge amount of problems.

Grow together

Successful partners don’t want the water of their relationship to run stiff. They realize that life changes and they have to adjust to it. For this reason, they are always ready to grow together and find new points of getting in touch with each other.

To sum up, if you want you and your partner to be genuinely happy, stick to these points, and the changes will be quick to come!

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