Curious Facts about Ukrainian Ladies

Curious Facts about Ukrainian Ladies

Have you ever heard of a more popular romantic destination than Ukraine? Bet you haven’t! But do you know the culture of this country well enough to make a good impression on your potential girlfriend or wife from Ukraine? Check out the following facts you should know about Ukrainian ladies and their culture!

Did you know these points?

Ukrainian women are crazy about flowers and hearty meals

It has already been mentioned that giving flowers is a sign of being a gentleman, but it should also be added that these ladies simply adore them! Guess why? Right you are, they are the daughters of Ukrainian amazing nature, and flowers are a piece of nature, aren’t they? As for preferences, you can always buy an odd number of dark red roses, but remember that tastes differ so you’d better ask your lady what flowers and colors she prefers. Also, pay attention to the color of roses, for instance. It may happen that your woman is extremely sensitive and superstitious; if this is the case, she may interpret the meaning of flowers not as you’ve intended.  

It may seem surprising to you, but Ukrainian girls do like to eat! But healthy food, of course; otherwise, they won’t look so gorgeous! Thus, if you see a lady in a restaurant who is humbly picking some rice grains from her almost empty plate, be sure she is acting for the public! Even if you are the only spectator. At home, she would behave differently. However, it isn’t that bad because why not enjoy healthy food cooked by the most skillful chef ever?   

Ukrainian beauties enjoy compliments and laughing

Optimistic and open-hearted, these girls have a positive world outlook and never give up. Their sense of humor immensely helps them to overcome life difficulties; consequently, they like men who can make them laugh. Do not overlook this detail because it’s really a significant one. If you know that your sense of humor may let you down, why not find some jokes beforehand and tell them at a date later? Otherwise, you risk losing a girl who will prefer not so rich (if you assume it’s your advantage) but funnier man.

As for compliments, they are also necessary since Ukrainian girls deeply care about their appearance and expect it to be appreciated by the opposite sex. Thus, don’t get angry if she is late for a date. She’s spent too much time for you to like her! So, your perfect strategy is to compliment her every day regardless of the way she looks. Ukrainian women are thirsty for attention and appreciation, and if you constantly shower them with nice sincere words, you’ll have more chances to conquer their heart! Just take into consideration that your compliments have to be elaborate and concern the details of her general image. If you simply tell her “You look amazing today,” she won’t be impressed by your creativity and wit.    

Ukrainian women’s motto is “Dress to Impress”

Girls from Ukraine are extremely attentive to the way they look. No matter if they are going to a shop or for a date, they always look simply stunning! Accurate but still beautiful make-up, a dazzling smile, nicely done long hair, gorgeous slim body, and of course, clothes that perfectly fit them!  High-heeled shoes are an attribute both of social and private life. With such a luxurious exquisite woman holding your arm, you’ll always be the center of attention-catching other men’s envious glances! It is no wonder because Ukrainian beauties are highly feminine, and their femininity is hanging in the air conquering men’s hearts wherever they go.

Ukrainian ladies expect you to be a gentleman

You may think such expectations are out of fashion, but good manners are of immense importance if you really want to impress a Ukrainian girl. Buy an ODD NUMBER OF FLOWERS, help your lady to carry a heavy suitcase, take her coat on/off, open the door of a car/building for her, let her be the first to come in and out of the building, give her a chair in a café or restaurant and make sure that she is served first. These rules are not hard to follow, but if you pay details to such petty, at first glance, details, your girl’s heart will definitely melt. Besides, remember to carefully plan a date with a Ukrainian girl. Why not visit some cafés, theatres or concert halls? She likes variety, so be ready to favorably impress her.     

They like courting

Ukrainian girls don’t lust after your money, but you should pay for her meals and transport

Wondering how is that possible? Everything is pretty simple. Unlike in the West, Ukrainian men are still considered the head of a family, and women see them exactly in this role. They provide for their women and children, supporting and defending them in any hardship. If you wish, you can simply consider paying for her meals or taxi home a gentleman’s gesture she would highly appreciate. However, don’t think that Ukrainian women are incapable of making money themselves. Ambitious and hard-working, they know how to reach their goals, but still need a strong man to rely on. In fact, they are just women, remember?

Be masculine and don’t disappear from their horizon

Tender and passionate, Ukrainian ladies are rather down-to-earth. Practical by nature, they are looking for stability and need to be sure about tomorrow. They need you to be always by their side because they are very reliable and faithful themselves. That is why these girls don’t accept any games and keep in mind they are great at spotting any foolish things like these. Once you decide to recollect your youth and disappear from her life to see if she runs after you, you risk losing the most precious gift in your life! Unless she is a young inexperienced girl, a Ukrainian woman will never cry in her pillow wondering where you have disappeared or call you a hundred times a day. No. She will definitely leave you for good with your insecurities. As a mature person, a Ukrainian lady knows her worth and won’t waste her time on little boys.

Being a housewife isn’t their only vocation

This prejudice against Ukrainian women seems to be the most widespread. Yes, you are right, they know the proverb that a way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach, and they are excellent cooks. You will never feel hungry at their home, your house neat and tidy, your shirts always clean and ironed, your children well-looked after. However, let’s not underestimate the versatility of Ukrainian women. They value private life, and self-development isn’t an empty word for them. These ladies always manage to find time for education, hobbies, and close people. Always open to challenges and new experiences, they are fond of traveling and meeting new acquaintances.

Ukrainian women value freedom and respect your private space  

With these women by their side, men also have time and numerous chances for self-development and pursuing things they are genuinely interested in. A Ukrainian girl will never intrude into your personal space, act too clingy, or restrict your freedom. There are several reasons for this. In the first place, she also has an interesting life to enjoy, her friends, hobbies, and family playing an important role in it. Secondly, if she really loves you, she realizes that her love should contribute to your development, and she gives you this possibility. Last but not least, her deeply caring heart really feels when you need some time to spend alone, and she respects this need. However, make sure you also treat her with respect and understanding because these are the things she values the most.

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