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The truth about dating a girl from Ukraine

Online dating in Ukraine is gaining momentum. Some women are not satisfied with local men, others just suffer from a demographic situation and look for foreign grooms due to high competition. Both options are perfect for western men while they can date the most beautiful and family-oriented ladies in the world.

Dating in Ukraine is different from that in your country though. Ukrainian women have their dating scene and expectations, so they choose only those western guys who meet their expectations. You should be prepared before starting to use a Ukrainian dating service if your intentions are serious and you want to succeed. Read the following information and learn.

What is dating a Ukrainian girl like?

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Everyone wants to go to Ukraine for dating although not everyone knows what it is like and whether girls from this country are for you at all. Dating a Ukrainian female can be really an exciting and unforgettable experience but it can be tough as well.

Ukrainian women are perfect for dating — they are beautiful, feminine, easy-going, caring, and can match any man. They are raised in traditional family values and taught to be good wives and mothers. They make you excited every day, you are never bored.

You are impressed by her intelligence and wisdom. Ukrainian women are smart regardless of their age and most of them are very mature. It is what attracts older western men to young girls from this part of the globe.

Western guys do not always succeed with women from Ukraine though. When choosing Ukrainian dating sites, they make a range of mistakes. After a bunch of refusals, you may become disappointed and desperate and think these women are too hard to get.

The problem is you are just not prepared and do not really understand what a Ukrainian woman needs. Below, you will see the information that will turn your image of a Ukrainian lady and help you avoid mistakes when dating her.

Ukrainian women do not use free dating sites

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The fact that girls from Ukraine do not mind marrying foreigners is great and opens lots of opportunities for you. But do not think that you can simply write to one of such girls on social media or through free dating apps or dating platforms. She will hardly reply to you.

The reason is these girls get hundreds of messages on social media from various guys and they do not consider it to be serious. They do not even pay attention to it and will most likely block you. Most women using free dating sites or apps are scammers because they are not obliged to report to anyone about their behavior and can do whatever they want on such sites.

Serious and true girls choose paid and reliable Ukrainian dating agencies. They know that men are verified on such sites as well as women and since they pay for the services, their intentions are pure and serious. Those who look for wives won’t use Facebook or Instagram for that purpose. Men who join a good Ukrainian dating site know what they want and these girls can be sure that you are looking for a relationship and not anything else.

Your appearance does matter

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When you join a dating site to date girls from Ukraine, you pay attention to how beautiful they are. It won’t be a secret that you choose a woman by her external beauty. Her inner world makes sense for you only in the process of communication. But this is the nature of all people — we judge each other on looks.

Now ask yourself whether women also choose a man by appearance. The honest answer would be «yes». Women from any country pay attention to your appearance no matter what they say. The first impression cannot be changed and if you want to date a beautiful woman, you should be at least well-groomed and tidy.

Thus, if you join an online dating site to date Ukrainian women, make sure to at least create a more or less decent profile. Add a good picture but a real one; do not use fake pictures or someone else’s. Do not alter it in Photoshop because sooner or later, a woman will see you on video or in reality. If you do not want to become her biggest disappointment, be yourself.

What we mean is that when posting a picture, talking to women on video, or meeting her in real life, you should think about what you look like. Be neat and tidy, more or less stylish, look like a man who knows how to impress a woman. If you have heard that Ukrainian women love with their ears, forget it because those times are gone.

Like all normal living people, they love with their eyes and if you claim for a beautiful and slim woman, you should not look worse than her. Yes, your inner world matters but if she doesn’t feel any basic attraction, you won’t even have a chance to demonstrate your inner beauty to her.

Complaining is the biggest no-no

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Lots of women from Ukraine are cautious about dating sites. They get tons of weird messages sometimes and it makes them doubt whether they have made the right choice by searching for a foreign man. The reason is Ukrainian men never complain, they are used to solving their problems themselves, they are leaders and do not drag their women in their problems.

This is just a part of their culture, men are confident enough to protect their ladies from such kinds of things. Women from Ukraine know that real men never complain. By the way, these girls prefer not to complain also. And the biggest turn-off for them is a man who starts writing about his problems or how expensive it is for him to use a dating site.

If you want to lose your potential Ukrainian girlfriend within an eye blink, send her a letter about the prices on a dating site you use and tell her that you do not want to pay for it, so she must provide her contact details to you. Everyone knows that dating sites are not free and not that cheap but they provide a certain range of services and for Ukrainian women, their safety does matter.

Safety is what they get when using a good dating site. If you find it too expensive to communicate with your woman, she will not only refuse to provide you her contacts but also say goodbye to you at once. A complaining man is not what she wants to see every day by her side, so better forget about it and show that you are a real man who doesn’t care about anything if he wants to be with her.

Tips on Ukrainian women dating

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Deciding to date a girl from Ukraine is great. It is the right choice and a wise decision. However, your wish is not enough. Dating her just because you think she is extremely beautiful isn’t right because eventually, you will not live with her appearance but with her personality traits and they do not suit everyone.

Ukrainian women can make any man happy but not each man can satisfy a girl from this country. Here are just a few tips on dating Ukrainian women online:

  • Being attentive and annoying is not the same. You all know that Ukrainian women are quite demanding and they need lots of your attention. This is very true, but attention doesn’t mean calling her at nights, overwhelming her with messages, and requiring her to report on each step. Attention means remembering about her birthday and sending her flowers, not forgetting about her child’s birthday, etc. Be helpful and offer assistance if she needs it.
  • Be confident but not arrogant. Ukrainian women prefer confident alpha males as you already know but know the thin line between confidence and arrogance. No one likes arrogant people and girls from Ukraine especially.
  • Generous doesn’t mean stupid. Dating Ukrainian women is known as expensive. Yes, Ukrainian women really cannot stand greedy men and prefer those who can provide for their women regardless of their profit. Do not be silly though and do not send her money once she asks. Scammers ask for money but real ladies expect that it will be you to offer help if necessary. A Ukrainian lady won’t ask for gifts but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want them. If you want to impress her, pamper your woman from time to time.

Dating a woman from Ukraine can turn your life upside down

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Ukrainian women are really amazing and can change your life forever. Dating them is an unforgettable experience. However, you should join an online dating site only when you have a clear image and knowledge of what it requires to date a woman from Ukraine.

You can get a great and charming woman who will show you what it means to be loved and cared for. They are very loyal and value their men. Put at least the smallest effort to meet her expectations and you will have the life you could only dream about.

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