Is Your Flirt A Success?

Is Your Flirt A Success?

An exquisite game between a man and a woman, a mix of coquetry and provocations, a sophisticated duel of hints – that’s what a nice flirt is about. This game can be innocent or lead to something more serious! In any case, it’s worth starting.

The skill to flirt effortlessly, to approach men remaining distant at the same time is a great gift every girl should possess. This science has always been appreciated because flirt is a great way to attract men’s attention to woman’s appearance, wisdom, and manners.

A successful flirt lets a woman show her sexuality and wit, evoking men’s interest and anxiety. Thus, what are the rules of successful flirting?

Useful tips

Secret #1

Say “no” to vulgarity. Flirt has to be nice and sophisticated, in no case rude or vulgar. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with flirt but turns into frivolity. Flirt implies light sexual provocations; it also has an erotic element. But, unlike frivolities, flirt always lets you say that you meant “nothing like that,” a man has just misunderstood. It’s a great art to make use of slight but meaningful hints. Here, we should also mention the way you look. Of course, you should look tempting, but there is no need to exaggerate putting on a mini skirt or a high slit. You’d better rely on an elegant hairdo, manicure, and a fitting dress.     

Secret #2

Be feminine. Flirt is a game between a man and a woman, that’s why in this game, according to the rules, you become weak sex. Even if in reality, you are an independent, strong, and ambitious woman. And one more important point: sometimes, flirt supposes slight swordplay, but there should be no straightforward aggression towards a man. Wit shouldn’t be acid. Your wit has to keep man “fit,” but acid notes shouldn’t prevail in the cocktail named “Flirt.”

Secret #3

Emphasize your movements. A non-verbal part of communication is the most important. 70% of flirt success depends on your body. During a flirt, man’s attention is focused mainly on your body parts. A play with curls, eyelashes movements, looks asquint or over a shoulder, the position of your legs, a play with jewelry, or some object in her hand…Well, women have so many means to drive a man crazy with innocent movements! If a flirt becomes hotter, and you definitely like each other, you can touch him lightly. WARNING! The touches should be innocent! If you sit down on his knees, it’s not a flirt for sure!

Also, take into consideration that non-verbal signals we are sending either consciously or sub-consciously may either attract an interlocutor or push them off. Never take a “closed” posture. You’d better not cross your hands and behave in a strained way. It will be difficult to get in contact with you; not to mention that a strained yet trying to flirt girl looks rather strange.     

Your palms should be open, your body turned to an interesting person, and your head has to be slightly bent. Besides, if you slightly bend your head towards your interlocutor, you make it clear that you are listening to him attentively.

Secret #4

Choose an appropriate distance. As psychologists assert, our intimate distance zone is 30 cm. If you get closer to a person, it means you are intruding into another person’s private space. Accordingly, an optimal distance for flirting people is 30-50cm, which creates an atmosphere of intimacy. And it’s better not to sit close at once, but shorten the distance step by step.  

Secret #5

Speak in a quiet voice, laugh as if you were a bell. Low tones also create an atmosphere of intimacy. A loud voice and horselaugh have nothing to do with flirt. Keep in mind that you mustn’t overload an interlocutor with your problems and don’t ask him too much about his private life. Moreover, don’t talk about your unsuccessful relationship and your ex. It will instantly scare a man off since he has tons of problems at work. Communicating with you, a man has to relax and have rest. Remember: you are a source of positive emotions only!  

Now, what should you talk about with a man you are trying to enchant? A talk should be neutral, and your tone light, not forcing. Joke as much as possible: what can be better than effortless communication imbued with laughter and joy? Besides, don’t forget about your voice. Your speech should be soft and low. Forget about shrieks and squealing: this definitely won’t make you more sexual, but can easily scare off a potential boyfriend.

Secret #6

Be mysterious. Avoid telling a man everything about yourself and revealing all your mysteries. Always stay mysterious. If you’ve given your phone number, a man shall consider it as a crystal shoe. Thus, it has to make him desperately want to find you and solve you as an intricate puzzle. Also, try to use phrases with a hidden meaning during your conversation and see how a man reacts to them. In general, men like witty girls, but once more, don’t overuse such phrases not to appear vulgar.

 Secret #7

Interest. A man has to feel that he is interesting to you. For this, establish eye contact (gaze at him more than five seconds, but not more than seven-eight). Then try to apply a psychological trick “Mirror,” mirroring man’s gestures.

However, trying to shower your chosen man with attention, don’t forget about the main rule: treat a flirt as a game! Don’t imagine your wedding ceremony on the first date and think about your future children’s names! Just enjoy the moment you are together and ignite that fire in his soul, too! Avoid making serious plans or planning how to conquer him – on the contrary, you have to create an impression that you are flirting just to have some fun. Then, his hunting instinct will turn on and who knows, how ardently will he be trying to make you treat him seriously and what achievements will you inspire in him!

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