Is a Ukrainian Queen into You?

Is a Ukrainian Queen into You?

There exist a lot of prejudices against Ukrainian girls. One of them is that lust for money makes them blind and they can accept any rich bridegroom. Once you fall a victim to this absolutely corrupted belief, you risk losing a potential ideal match! Keep in mind that Ukrainian women need time to get to know you and start trusting you, which means that they cannot fall in love with you just after a couple of letters even without meeting you in person. That’s why let us help you understand whether a Ukrainian lady really likes you.

Is she on your hook?

Her flirtatious behavior, even online

Guess right now you are wondering how is that possible since all women like to flirt, regardless of their nationality. However, you are partially wrong. As in many other aspects, Ukrainian ladies differ from other women when it comes to a relationship with men so that their patterns of behavior are unique as well.

Despite the fact that Ukrainian girls are friendly and open-hearted, they would never easily flirt with the opposite sex. Especially reserved they are communicating with strangers or foreigners since unknown people may be rather dangerous. For this reason, once you notice a Ukrainian girl is flirting online with you, congratulations! She likes you! But the question arises: what are signs of her flirtatious online behavior? Check the following list to find them out!

  • If you are texting her, she tries to answer you quickly or warns when she will be busy. She simply doesn’t want to lose her face and appreciates every moment spent together, even only through online communication. Usually, if a woman doesn’t find a man appealing, she can stay online for hours and give him no answer or answer very abruptly. That is why it is necessary to notice such punctuality and realize that it is a real sign of interest.
  • Besides, if she decides to flirt, she won’t wait for you to write first. When she has a free minute, her mind will turn to you and she will remind you about her existence.
  • When she is calling you cute names, this is clearly a sign of affection. It may happen that the girl is afraid to express her feelings directly or doesn’t want to make a first move. But acting this way she is trying to make a boy take the first step.
  • She is paying you compliments. It is a true sign of flirt. Compliments may be obvious and hidden. If a girl is shy, she will pay you hidden compliments and you will need some time to understand them. A brave girl will tell you everything directly. Most often, they will praise you for appearance and qualities of character.  
  • She is joking with you. For Ukrainian girls, a sense of humor is vital, so if you want to win her heart, learn to make her laugh as well.
  • She follows you on social networks, comments on your posts and even shares them! A great way to find common topics for discussion, isn’t it?
  • Last but not least, let’s not forget that online communication is largely about using different emoticons. Thus, if a Ukrainian girl carefully chooses which emoticon to send and uses exclamation points or a combination of other punctuation marks, she seems to like you.

She wants to become a part of your life                  

The fact that is true for all Ukrainian women is that they won’t spend their time on a man they don’t find attractive. That’s why if a girl likes you, she will be really interested in all details of your day. She worries about your mood, feelings, and problems. If something bad happens to you, she gets upset and tries to support you. Care and attention are women’s innate features directed at a potential partner.

Besides, watch out if a woman wants to know more about your hobbies. There are several reasons why girls are doing that: they want to find an approach, draw parallels with their interests, want to try the same things you like. Anyway, her active interest in your life indicates that she wants to know you better because you matter to her.

What about teasing?

Since childhood girls remember that teasing is one of the ways boys can show their interest in them. Indeed, teasing another person we’re waiting for a definite response, and getting a response means that a victim of our teasing considers us a worthy object of attention, right? Besides, nothing can be worse than indifference, that is why even some negative people’s actions are the signs of demanding attention.

Actually, it isn’t typical of a Ukrainian woman to tease her man. That is why if you see that she is teasing you like laughing at the things you like through video chats or messages, don’t worry. She is simply trying to win your attention. Also, it may happen that a girl negatively reacts to your words or tries to argue with you all the time. Do not be afraid of such behavior because very often it is the demonstration of feelings through the contrast method: it seems she doesn’t like or even hates you, but in reality she just fights with you to arise your interest. In this respect, remember that women do not argue about things they don’t fall for or with men they don’t care about.    

Physical proximity

It is common knowledge that we don’t let every person intrude in our private space. This happens only if we like this person. As it has been already mentioned, Ukrainian women are especially careful with foreign men. So if you see that this girl wants to shorten the distance between you both, it means that she trusts you and likes you. If a Ukrainian woman finds you attractive, she will always try to touch you as much as possible because she needs physical contact with a man she likes. She may put a hand on your shoulder during the talk, touch your chest as if pushing you away in a joking manner or try to hug passing you by.

Although these signs can be noticed mainly during a real meeting with a lady of your heart, online communication also gives us many ways to indicate a desirable proximity. We are talking about various emoticons and stickers, remember?  

She asks for your help or tries to help you!

In general, Ukrainian ladies are self-sufficient, strong and independent. Due to their upbringing and harsh living conditions, they know how to get the things they want and can cope almost with every difficulty on their way. That is why if these girls aren’t afraid or even ashamed to seem weak in front of you, it definitely means they trust and like you very much. An appeal for any kind of masculine help is a clear sign of attracting attention, so take care not to overlook it.

Another, even more obvious sign indicating a Ukrainian’s girl interest is her wish to do something for you. Of course, she realizes that you are a strong man, but her deeply caring and loving nature simply cannot let her leave a man she likes alone with his troubles. Ukrainian women would not only eagerly help you by actions but by careful listening and giving an appropriate piece of advice as well. So pay attention to the way she is listening to your stories and reacting to them. Extremely attentive and compassionate interlocutors, they will never leave a dear person in trouble, keep that in mind.

That’s why if a Ukrainian woman can really help you somehow, never reject her offer since it means that she is into you and wants to spend more time with such a fascinating guy! 

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